Prairie Timing started out of the need for a dedicated, trained, and efficient timing service for races of 8000 participants and less. In fact, most of the events we time, have less than 1000 participants. This is a very important and often overlooked segment of Sporting Events, since these events help promote communities and the overall sporting community throughout the year. 

While our first mission is to provide reliable timing with fast results, we have helped many events improve their brand with: awesome finisher medals, unique race bibs, an inflatable archway that provides banner space for event sponsors, teardrop flag kilometer markers, P/A system, and quiet inverter generators to provide remote power sources. We also have successful experience helping events drastically improve their registration by over 100% through branding and social media campaigns. 
We can help with registration pages, charity fundraising, event planning and race kits as we have a very efficient system that can adapt for changes in athlete registrations with no mistakes. We are also happy to assemble your race kits and swag bags at a very reasonable cost.



What is Chip Timing?
Chip Timing is a method of timing that uses and RFID transponder chip (usually placed on the back of a number bib) to record an athlete’s time at the finish. There are two ways we do this:
1.) A Gun Start – is a mass start with no account for an athlete’s position at the start of the race, and the athlete’s chip time is recorded at the finish line only. Or
2.) A Chip Start – is a start where the athletes is recorded twice, once when crossing the start line and once again when crossing the finish line (great for large events).
Do I have to purchase the transponder chips myself?

No, we include that in our cost. We also apply the chips to the bibs for you as it allows us to have better quality control allowing us to test the finished product before passing it on to you.